Our training division is approved by Ministry of Health, Port, Customs and Free Zone Corporation etc.  New recruits undergo mandatory Health & Safety training in the country of origin.
Training & Courses Overview

Najma Human Resources and Training Consultancy impart health and safety training for every worker immediately after their selection prior to their departure from the country of origin.

Each of the men will carry a certificate in Health and Safety. This training program has been designed to provide essential knowledge and understanding of health and safety for employees working in any sector or business, whether manufacturing, commerce, public sector or the service industry.

Good health and safety training reduces risks and prevent accident and ill health arriving from work activities.

The essential element of the company's safety system is the knowledge and attitude of employees and this demands proper training in the basics of health and safety as well as specific training for individual tasks.

Know UAE before you arrive

Najma Human Resources and Training Consultancy will brief every worker on the rules and regulations prevalent in UAE, work environments, climate conditions and terms and conditions. Special emphasis is given to camp living conditions.

We are looking for a no problem situation for our client in UAE after the men join their jobs.